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Scan Times V.10

Volume 10, 2nd Qtr. 07
4 Pages
First day Issue
Circulation 32K +/- 2bit
All Rights reserved
Price 5 Credits

Silistate Organization Authority

Publication of Changes

  1. Sector 3 linking will be off line for 37.5 seconds starting 07-05-23, 1753 hours.
  2. New work cell motto: "Silicon is pure. Carbon is flawed." (Repeat 2 times0
  3. Sector 7 elementary reading assignment changes - week 22-23, Low Byte and the Seven Bits; week 24-25, Binary calculus Vol.2.

Gale Force Scale to 26 in 17 hour oscillations.

UVR 57, Rad 17 - 44, PSI Mask #2 Required.

A high cool front will dip the mercury down to 87 tonight which will allow an extension of outside activity to 117 minutes.

High Wednesday: 103; This cooling trend will last until Friday

Nations First Felon Released on Parole Today

Dateline- Ft. Leavenworth

Judge Starr agreed to the early release in exchange for testimony in the fourth and seventh ET cover up trials. Insiders say there is still hope for Hillary starting in 2011. 

Silistate Sales

Ten terabyte data cubes - 20% off while they last!

Si Shops Limited. (Authorized personnel only)

Automaton Virus Hitting Service Industries

See Page 4

Robot Dance Recital Finalist for Sector 4 Selected by SOA

Strike Flint Industries entry Balaroba will go to the nationals

See Page 5

Third of ET Gate Cover- Up Trials to Start Monday

See page 3

Judicial Recapitulation 

Offline three months - #2, cell 7, sector 3. Attempted Ctrl + Alt + Del

Offline five weeks - #3, cell 2, sector 1. RFI noise violation during quiet hours.

Offline four months - #3, cell5, sector 6. Rumor mongering. 

There were no other violations.

SOA History File Update

John V. Atanasoff (1904 - 1995)

In 1939, Professor Atanasoff, while at Iowa State University, developed the first computer prototype using vacuum tubes. His invention was overshadowed for 34 years until 1973 when a Federal judge ruled the professor's computer design "reduced to practice" as the first electronic computer. The Smithsonian displayed his prototype in 1989 and President Bush gave him the National Medal of Technology in 1990.

Agra-artist Earth Contest 27thRound Results

First Place Paladia - Wheat Attention: 28th Round Contestants.

First time on Earth? Vital Stats.

Temp. Range: +/- 1200 F

Gravity: 1.0

Shield: 4200v/Km. - Polarized

N2: 70%; O2: 20%; Yuck: 10%

Second Place Grays - Barley
Third Place Orion Federation - Wheat
Fourth Place Titan Stompers - Oats


 SOA History File Update 

Barren, Paul - circa 1970's

Pre - Y2K data not recovered

Barren - The Great Creator of the Net.



Where am I? Oh yes, the first page is a bit too political for a technical newsletter. The first spoof page had limited circulation in 98 as all of Vol. 10 base 10. This second page was written in 99 as part of this - Vol. 10 base 8. At the sporadic rate of publication of these free newsletters, the 11th publication just might end up coming out in 2007!

They still had to drag me to the Internet in 99 even though I had concluded this free paper newsletter could not continue with blind circulation to over 1200 students, clients and associates. The Net is perfect for blind circulation. (No wasted pages in the circular file.) So my promised obligation to my former students will continue in two mediums. But to get this in paper you must fill out the form and call in, mail or E-mail your wants and desires. If you are a former student then you can expect your free issues. For all, I now have an E-mail address and a web site. The site has a few articles from the newsletters and information about the PLC classes. The web site is Do nothing and you won't have Dick Profitt to kick around any more. Respond as a former student for continued free Issues specific to your interests. Others will pay a small fee for the same service. (See page 3)


PARKWAY A location where vehicles may be legally parked such as a strip of land leading to a garage or carport.

DRIVEWAY A multi lane road or freeway with no parking allowed except in an emergency.

Driving on parkways or parking on driveways will not be tolerated This change will avoid confusion at the sector level.

Deadline for responsible parties to make database changes is9-9-07. Changes in printed material will not be required since all printed material except for this official publication is still scheduled for recycle on or before 12-31-08.

Scan Times Editors' Choice Award for Automation Progress

The Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

By now, this device has saved the world trillions of dollars in damage from spikes, arcs, backlash, RFI/ EMI, surges and over voltage events. Be it a complex computer system or a lowly relay contact, the MOV does its job by conducting and absorbing any over voltage of either polarity that left unchecked would be damaging to any electrical system.

The MOV looks like a simple disk capacitor. Its size is related to its voltage protective range. Dime size MOVs can protect low voltage communication, phone and modem circuits. Quarter size units are found protecting 110 and 220 VAC equipment. Slightly larger units can protect 440 and 880 volt systems.

MOVs have two common applications. Most are used to protect electrical and electronic equipment from damage by spikes and surges originating from some other source. Those multi outlet power strips advertised as "surge protective" use MOVs. Not enough are used at the potential source of the arc or transient to suppress and prevent it from happening in the first place!

Except for transients from radio transmitters, static discharges (lighting) and solar bursts, the primary source of destructive electrical spikes can be traced to the electromagnetic coil. The coil, a great invention hundreds of years old, is a method of converting electrical energy into useful mechanical energy. Without the coil there could be no relays, solenoids, electric valves, motors, atom smashers or doorbells.

It's interesting that it's not the use of coils that cause damaging spikes but the disuse or disconnection of the coil from its electrical power source that results in a high voltage spike of energy. I blew the front end of a nice oscilloscope trying to measure the spike on a relay coil. Where's a MOV when you need one? Lesson learned. I applied only 7 volts to a coil normally rated at 110 volts. At the moment of disconnection I measured over 700 volts across the coil, over a hundred-fold increase in original voltage! This increase is very brief and will depend on number of turns of copper wire, the wire diameter, and the make up, size and position of the core or rotor or plunger. An AM radio 12 feet away gave a loud pop at every disconnection. Congratulations, I just reinvented the old spark gap transmitter.

With 7 volts applied and a MOV across the coil terminals, each disconnection measured less than 170 volts

And the radio complained with only a muffled click. I did not have a low voltage MOV for this test or the

RFI and the voltage spikes would be much lower.

How Is the Spike Formed?

When a coil is energized, it's an electromagnet with an electromagnetic field of force all around the outside and through the core of the coil. At the moment of disconnection this field does not dissipate into thin air. It collapses back into the copper wire as a surge of electrons all charged up with no place to go except backward arching across the ever-widening air gap of the disconnecting contact causing pitting and wear. Some of this energy also radiates into the air as an electromagnetic pulse.

How Does the MOV Work?

The metal oxide varistor is made like a parallel plate capacitor with fused zinc oxide filling as the dielectric. If the voltage potential is in the normal range, the MOV acts just like a disk capacitor across the coil leads or the power lines. However, zinc oxide has semiconductor properties, so when a voltage surge occurs the zinc oxide will conduct to absorb the excess voltage converting the voltage to heat. Lucky for you and the MOV,

these spikes and surges last only microseconds. One hundred-ten volt equipment and the MOV will "cook up nicely" if someone attempts to connect it to a 220-volt power source. For the typical spike of thousands of volts at thousands of amps, the MOV will do its job over and over again.

Contact life is extended by a factor of 30, RFI noise reduction, electronic protection. The MOV is now a sung hero. Thanks go to the Harris Corp and Intersil for tech specs.


NO IRATE TREKIES (We took them offline back in 03)

NO RELIGION (Except the First Apocalyptic Mormon Science Quaker Rastatrance Trinity of PRINCIPALITIES and POWERS Union Church)

We authorize this one sect since WE are the Principality and Power through the grace of the SILISTATE ORGANIZATION AUTHORITY. (Membership is required)

THE TIMES ARE TOO SHORT FOR ME TO continue a narrow and blind focus in future publications.

The involvement of Mitsubishi while still a quality product line in my automation, programming, and teaching business has been diluted by other successful competitors, Please copy and fill out the form below so you choose what YOU want to read. For ALL except former students and contributors, the cost are as listed below.


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6. Step Motor Apps & Review. 7. Disaster Instructions. 8. Home Automation
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C. Factory Com System. D. Add Tricks to Maxed I/O E. Auto Diagnostics.
F. Your Special Requests (Please include a sentence, paragraph or page of explanation.)

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