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Student Comments

All comments are taken from Course Critiques handed out after every class.
(All Critiques are kept on file with Profitt Technical)

From the question: What is your overall assessment of the course:

  • I learned more in four days than I did before in two years!
  • This was a very good course, I think it is going to help a lot.
  • Very good, I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
  • Very good, Well presented.
  • Excellent.
  • "10"
  • Very good about explaining, good hands on training.
  • Very informative and well taught.

From the section: Additional Comments:
  • I wish to have contact with you indefinitely.
  • Good Course. Money well spent.
  • I Think you do a great job and would like to see you expand into other brands of PLCs.
  • I feel my understanding has been improved. I feel more confident that I can look at a written program and decipher what is going on. The course was very organized and well thought out before hand. The examples were very straight and to the point and very real life.
  • Much impressed by the Instructor's attitude…all efforts are made for the students to learn.
  • Thank you Dick for your support.
  • Good job! You are very educated in your line of work.
  • Very enjoyable; there were no slow or boring times- which was excellent.